9 Adorable Halloween Costumes For the Fur Babies in Your Life!

All hallows eve will soon be upon us, and aside from mountains of chocolate and drunken halloween parties, the season of cute animals in equally cute costumes is upon us!! We’ve trawled the internet so you don’t have to and are proud to present 9 of the cute outfits available for your fluffy companions!

two puppy corgis playing with a pumpkin with an autumnal background
  1. Feeling the need to relive key lion king moments? Want your pooch to feel the majesty of the King of Beasts? Look no further! The adorable TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane Costume available on Amazon is a best seller with rave reviews.
  2. Corgis, cute, regal… adorably oblong! Perfectly suited to banana and hot dog costumes, but with a tiny bit of imagination, you can also find wonderful options outside of the mundane, like this – the Realistic Rhino Costume
  3. Dogs aren’t the only fur babies in our life, for the brave cat people among us, or simply those with a very docile and forgiving cat, there are also a tonne of options for our feline friends. Why not try a cute pair of bat wings or a pumpkin themed collar and hat combo!
  4. For the guinea pig enthusiasts among us, fear not! We stumbled across the sweetest costume options for your squeaky companions! How about turning your piggy in to a unicorn, a pineapple or a mermaid this halloween???
  5. Don’t worry reptile owners, we haven’t forgotten you in our searches, for all lizard lovers out there, here we have a teeny tiny hat for your bearded dragon!!
  6. Perhaps you want a scarier more authentic halloween feel, well then perhaps this spider costume for the dog in your life would be a good option?
  7. One of our absolute favourite Facebook pages is UPS Dogs and we absolutely ADORE seeing all the cute puppers photographed by local, friendly, dog biscuit waving UPS drivers around the world! Why not give your driver a nice surprise by kitting out your dog in this excellent UPS costume .
  8. Do you consider yourself a foody? Look no furrrrrrther, we have the perfect costume for your dog. What could be cuter than a sushi costume?
  9. Wanting to throwback to left shark vibes circa Katy Perry Super Bowl 2015? This shark costume might be just the thing for your best friend!

Remember to treat your furry companions with respect and care, you should never force an animal to wear a costume that is causing it distress. Otherwise we wish you a happy trick or treating and hope you enjoy!

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