5 Cute Computer Accessories We All Need!

  1. Sea Slug Screen Cleaner – Whilst sea slugs might not be everyone’s idea of cute, these brightly coloured, beautifully designed and super cute screen cleaners from Felissimo certainly deserve a place in your heart! Their soft underbellies are perfect for trapping dust that might build up on your computer screen. Meanwhile the frills around the edges will help you brush away crumbs and dust from your keyboard. After some use if the sea slug becomes too dusty, you can gently hand wash it and leave it to dry ready for your next use. In the ocean, sea slugs move around the sea floor munching away on decomposing plant matter and algae, one of natures ocean vacuum cleaners, so it seems like the perfect spirit animal for a screen cleaner!
  2. Angie Unicorn USB Wired Handwarmers – Living the student lifestyle and don’t want to turn the heating on just yet? Keep your hands toasty warm while you keep on typing up your coursework with the extremely adorable Angie Unicorn USB Wired Handwarmers from Smoko. Simply plug in to your computer, select your heat setting choosing between low or high and let Angie work her magic!
  3. Hamster Wireless Mouse – Not a mouse, but a hamster. Looking for a cute upgrade for your computer mouse? Look no further! These very cute computer mice are wireless and have a scrolling wheel. Choose between three different colours (or just get them all!) from Spree Picky.
  4. Cute Cat Stickers – Looking for a new cute sticker for your laptop? Then look no further than Etsy shop, Glitter Punk Jewellery. Glitter Punk has a variety of wonderful accessories, but the “Day Night Hugging Cat Sticker” really caught my eye. You can also get a matching keychain and necklace of the same beautiful design in case the sticker simply isn’t enough!
  5. Cat Paw Mousepad / Wrist Rest – Now that you are all set with your new hamster mouse, how about a super cute mousepad in the shape of a cat paw? Built not only for ease of use but also comfort, the mousepad has inbuilt soft silicone wrist rests to keep your comfortable all day long!

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